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Stuck on my game?

2011-01-16 10:31:09 by DStudios12

Here is a walkthrough.
1. Click the paragraph
2. Click the door to get inside the house
3. Click on the desk with a piece of paper on it.
4. Click the paper.
5. Click on the lightswitch.
6. Click on the door.
7. Click on the bed.
8. Grab the key.
9. Click on the door.
10. Click on the middle door.
11. Click on the picture with stick figures.
12. Click on it again.
13. Click on the door.
14. Click on the arrow.
15. Grab The ladder.
16. Click on the arrow.
17. Click on the axe on the table.
18. Click on the arrow.
19. Click on the arrow to the right.
20. Click on the arrow to the right.
21. Click on the door.

Then you're done!

New game!

2011-01-16 08:11:04 by DStudios12

Well, my game is now finsished, I just posted it.

New Game In The Works.

2011-01-02 17:26:19 by DStudios12

Thanks to everyone that reviewed my game! Sorry it was not great. I'm working on a new game with better art, more sounds (I only had one last time), and better length. I promise I will do my best to make something good. It is another point and click but not a room escape. Thats all for now.